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 Just de Radiohead

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Just - Radiohead From their 2nd album: The Bends crds by Kasper van Benten ( Intro: C D# D F (3x) C: x35553 D#: x68886 D: x57775 F: x81010108 Didn't figure out any more of this song..... YET! Lyrics: can't get the stink off, he's been hanging round for days. comes like a comet, suckered you but not your friends. one day he'll get to you, teach you how to be a holy cow. don't get my sympathy hanging out the 15th floor. you've changed the lock 3 times, he still comes reeling through the door. and soon he'll get to you, teach you how to get to purest hell. you do it to yourself you do and that's what really hurts is you do it to yourself just you, you and no-one else you do it to yourself.