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 Everything In Its Right Place de Radiohead

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Everything In Its Right Place - Radiohead sur
Artist: Radiohead Song: Bass tab for 'Everything In It's Right Place (Live)' Album: 'Kid A' Year: 2000 Label: Parlophone Transcribed by Gavin Miller As this song live is a bit different from the recorded one on the album = 'Kid A',=20 The bass part is much clearer for a start, and can be split into 2 = different bits--> The Verse/ Chorus part A--3-3-3-3--4-4--6-6--8p6h8-0------- The Lemon Sucking part Basically, the song changes when Thom starts to sing about waking up and sucking lemons A--4-4-4-4-4--3-3--6-6--4-4-4-4-4---- repeat as necessary, but before = going back to the normal part, it goes to A--8p6h8--0--------------- p=3D pull off h=3D hammer on