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 I Might Be Wrong de Radiohead

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I Might Be Wrong - Radiohead sur
RADIOHEAD I MIGHT BE WRONG (C Greenwood, J. Greenwood, E O'Brien, P. Selway, T. Yorke) Transcribed by Stephen Constantine; Here's the lead break to one of my favourite new songs 'I Might Be Wrong'. I'm not sure if its played by Jonny or Ed but who cares, really? I figured this out from the performance of September 20, 2000 in France. The recorded version will no doubt be different, and the tab'll be redundant then. haha. I have not worked out the other parts to the song. If you like what you see here, e-mail me and I may work on it/send it to you. As requested by , I profess that this file is all my own work, it was figured out by ear. It seems pretty accurate to my ears. The last bit may be off, though? Dm C Bbmaj7 Am -----------1---------1---------0------------------------------------ --------3---------3-------------------------3---------3---------1--- -----2----------------------0------------2-------------------------- --0------------0----------------------3------------3---------2------ -------------------------3---------1------------1---------0--------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- G -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- --------0--3p0----------0--3p0-------------------------------------- -----0---------------0---------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- --3---------------3------------------------------------------------- If you only wanna strum along, here's a chord chart for you: Dm C Bbmaj7 Am G ---1---0-----x-------0----x--- ---3---1-----3-------1----x--- ---2---0-----2-------2----x--- ---0---2-----3-------2----0--- ---0---3-----1-------0----2--- ---0---0-----x-------0----3--- Hope this helps Transcribed by Stephen Constantine;