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 Packt Like Sardines Live de Radiohead

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Packt Like Sardines Live - Radiohead sur
RADIOHEAD "Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box" Amnesiac Written By: Tom Yorke Bassist:Colin Greenwood Tabbed By: Mr. Ranks This isnt a very hard tab, and its a blast to play. This song was pretty tame until Radiohead pumped it up pretty hard for playing live. Play with a ton of fuzz. I am not sure if Colin actually drops the E string to C but I do and it sounds all right. You can readily download the live version from the internet. Colin Starts off: G---7--5---5--4---4--2--------------------------- D---------------------------33--5---------------- A-------------------------------------33--5--353- C------------------------------------------------ G------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------- A--5--3---3--2--2--0------------------------------ C---------------------------55--7---00---2--020---- Then he does this for the rest of the song: G-------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------- A----5--3---3--2--2--0-----------------0--3--5-353- C----------------------------55--7----------------- Whilst Thom Sings "and you realize....": G------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------- A--------3--5---3--5---3--5---3--5---0-{repeat} C--------------------------------------------