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 Duango 95 de Ramones

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Duango 95 - Ramones sur Guitariff.net
Hi ! Here some stuff about RAMONES If you have comments, corrections, requests or something else, send them to: MAURO BUROCCO MARCO FERRERO sisinf21@vcldec1.polito.it COMING SOON : NOFX: The Brews + others BAD RELIGION EXPLOITED: Dead Cities + others MEGADETH: Hangar 18, Symphony of Destruction ( if I have the time ...) ELIO & THE TROUBLE STORY ( an Italian group: Elio e le storie tese, tutto il primo album :) I need material about SID VICIOUS and RANCID - if you have something please e-mail me Thanks P.S. there are two versions of this song: one with the ABCDEFG, for the lazy-narrow minded people ( you know who you are, ... Glen :), and the other for cool-nasty guys !!!!???!! =========================================================================================== DURANGO 95 by Ramones from the album "Too Tough to Die" 1984 Just an instrumental song [ FA SIb ] x4 [ SIb FA DO ] x4 [ FA SIb ] x4 [ SIb FA DO ] x4 [ FA SIb ] x4 [ SIb FA DO ] x4 Or if don't know DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI ( ...Hi! Glen :) [ F Bb ] x4 [ Bb F C ] x4 [ F Bb ] x4 [ Bb F C ] x4 [ F Bb ] x4 [ Bb F C ] x4 That's all: very simple, I should never have posted this !!! but it's very funny if played as an intro to "Teenage Lobotomy" like in LOCO LIVE ( if you also have the soundtrack of "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly", then it would be totally amazing... )