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 Oh Oh I Love Her So de Ramones

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Oh Oh I Love Her So - Ramones sur Guitariff.net
I'm very sorry but when I put all the album ( Live Home ), I took the wrong file, where this song was missing So, here it is Any reply, comments or other could be sent to MAURO BUROCCO MARCO FERRERO sisinf21@vcldec1.polito.it P.S. soon I will post other song: NOFX , RAMONES , BAD RELIGION , EXPLOITED , RANCID .... P.S.S I'm searching for any kind of things about SID VICIOUS, if you have something... send'em THANKS =================================================================================== OH OH I LOVE HER SO by Ramones from the album "Live Home" [ LA FA# ] x2 LA FA# I met her at the Burger King We fell in love by the soda machine RE MI G we took the car downtown The kids were hanging out all around LA FA# Then we went down to Coney Island On the coaster and around again RE MI And no one's gonna ever tear us apart Cause she's my sweetheart FA# MI All night oh yeah LA RE MI Oh oh I love her so Oh oh I love her so Oh oh I love her so [ LA RE LA ] Oh oh I love her so Oh oh I love her so Oh oh I love her so [ LA RE LA ] RE Hanging out on a night like this LA I'm gonna give her a great big kiss RE I'm gonna make her mine MI And everything's gonna be real fine [ Repeat all - except intro ] ====================================================================================