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 Pet Semetary de Ramones

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Pet Semetary - Ramones sur Guitariff.net
PET SEMATARY by Ramones (from the Brain Drain album) Tabbed by Ivo (efei@eu.ansp.br) As it happens with any Ramones' tune, it's very very simple. Anyway, I think this tab can be useful to someone out there. There may be details missing but if you listen to the song you'll figure them out quite quickly. The part below is played for the intro and for all the verses. INTRO D5 C/E e|----------------------|----------------------------------------------| B|-----3----------1-----|-----1----------------------------------------| G|-------------0-----0--|----------------------------------------------| D|--0-----0-2-----------|--3-------------------------------------------| A|----------------------|----------------------------------------------| E|----------------------|----------------------------------------------| For the part below I'm only indicating the chords. Pick the CD and follow the beat. This part repeats with different lyrics in all verses. C5 D5 And the night when the cold wind blows C5 D5 Bb5 C No one cares No-body knows For the chorus below you just have to follow the beat as well. Dm F C Bb I don't wanna be buried In a pet sematary Dm C Bb C I don't want to live my life again Here's the solo (It seems to me there's a slight synth doubling the guitar. Am I right?) I'm also tabbing the rythm behind the solo in case you have a buddy playing along with a second guitar. e|------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|---------| B|-----______-|------------|------------|------------|-----______-|---------| G|----/-------\------------|------------|------------|----/-------\---------| D|---/--------|\-----------|--0---------|--0--2--3---|---/--------|\--------| A|--1---------|-1----------|------------|------------|--1---------|-1-------| E|------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|---------| | | Bb5 A5 D5 Bb5 A5 e|------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|---------| B|------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|---------| G|------------|---Repeat---|----7-------|---Repeat---|------------|--Repeat-| D|-8-8-8-7/8-8|-----as-----|----7-------|---the D5---|-8-8-8-7/8-8|--the----| A|-8-8-8-7/8-8|---previous-|----5-------|------------|-8-8-8-7/8-8|--Bb5 &--| E|-6-6-6-5/6-6|------------|------------|------------|-6-6-6-5/6-6|--A5-----| e|------------|------------|-------______------------|------------|---------| B|------------|------------|-----/------|\-----------|------------|---------| G|------------|------------|---/--------|--\---------|------------|---------| D|------------|--5--3--2---|--3---------|---3--------|------------|---------| A|-3----------|--7--5--3---|--5---------|---5--------|------------|---------| E|------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|---------| | | C5 e|------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|---------| B|------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|---------| G|--5---------|--Repeat----|--Here the second guitar goes---------|---------| D|--5---------|--the C5----|--back to the verse------|------------|---------| A|--3---------|------------|------------|------------|------------|---------| E|------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|---------| Chord fingering (where not indicated) C5 D5 Bb5 Dm F C Bb e|------|------|-----|--10--|---8--|---8--|--6--|------| B|------|------|-----|--10--|--10--|---8--|--6--|------| G|------|------|-----|--10--|--10--|---9--|--7--|------| D|--10--|--12--|--8--|--12--|--10--|--10--|--8--|------| A|--10--|--12--|--8--|--12--|---8--|--10--|--8--|------| E|---8--|--10--|--6--|--10--|------|---8--|--6--|------| Finally the Lyrics Under the arc of a weather stain boards Ancient goblins, and warlords Come out of the ground, not making a sound The smell of death is all around. And the night when the cold wind blows No one cares, nobody knows I don't wanna be buried In a pet sematary I don't want to live my life again Follow Victor to the sacred place This ain't a dream, I can't scape Molars and fangs, the clicking of bones Spirits moaning among the tombstones And the night, when the moon is bright Someone cries, something ain't right The moon is full, the air is still All of a sudden I feel a chill Victor is grinning, flesh rotting away Skeletons dance, I curse this day And the night, when the wolves cry out Listen close and you can hear me shout ============================================================================= ##### # # ####### # # # # # efei@eu.ansp.br # # # # # Escola Federal de Engenharia de Itajuba # # # # # Brazil ##### ### ####### GOD BLESS EVERYONE =============================================================================