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 Beat On The Brat de Ramones

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Beat On The Brat - Ramones sur Guitariff.net
Beat on the Brat by the Ramones as found on their (i think) 1976 debut album Ramones. My third ramones tab already weeee!!!! This ones dedicated to my friend missy, who was on aim with me when i figured it out. Most of you GOOD guitar players could have figured this out in seconds, while i, took like half an hour cuz i wasnt even playing it. Anyway, starts like this. 4 4 4 4 G| 4 4 4 4 D|44444424444442442442 A|444444 444444 44 44 E|222222 222222 22 22 then do D|4 A|4 E|2 alot until joey sings, oh yeah, oh yeah, on the first oh yeah do G|444444 666666 D|444444 666666 A|222222 then on the second one play 444444 and on the third you E|should be on the regular verse riff again. chorus: B|444444 444444 444444 444444 G|444444666666444444666666 444444666666444444 D|2222226666662222226666664444444444444222222666666222222 A| 444444 4444444444444444444 444444 E| 2222222222222 C the whole song twice. E mail is tygistguitar@tumyeto.com my aim is tygistguitar and im spencer and this is all my own work so cya.