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 Cretin Family de Ramones

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Cretin Family - Ramones sur Guitariff.net
Cretin Family, by the Ramones as found on the 1995 Ramones Album "Adios Amigos" I have a lot of videos of the ramones playing and I can sort of see the frets johnny is on but not well. I can sort of see the movement, I know this is wrong and im probably making the song harder than it is but its still just power chords so youll do fine. This is for all of you who don’t know the chords by letters, only by their tabs, just like stupid lil me. Im only twelve but im getting lessons soon and the ramones totally kick the crap out of every other band on earth (not talentwise) but in being cool I guess. This is a good song for beginners, and cj sings in it so have fun…. Intro/ Chorus Riff D| 9-99999-9-99999-9-99999-7777-65 A| 9-99999-9-99999-9-99999-5555-43 E| 7-77777-7-77777-7-77777-xxxx-xx Then start it all over again. For the first chords count them out like 1,1-2-3-4-5, 1, 1-2-3-4-5, 1, 1-2-3-4-5, then the last ones 1234-5-6. Repeat that riff twice. Verse Riff G| 7-77777 D|9-99999-7-77777 A|9-99999-5-55555 E|7-77777 C that 4 times counting it out like the intro and then go to G| D|7-77777-9-99999 A|7-77777-9-99999 E|5-55555-7-77777 do that counting it out the same way and theN do D|9-99999 A|9-99999 E|7-77777 to lead into a chorus. C the Intro riff here for a chorus. That’s it. Heres the song structure and lyrics. Verse riff: chorus: verse riff: chorus riff: Verse Riff Chorus After the chorus do two chorus riffs with now words. Then do a the first half of the verse riff. When the chord goes up, say either everyones against me, or oi oi oi oi. Keep repeating that playing only the first half of the verse riff until fade. Ramones rule. This is my first tab and its all my own work. My e mail is tygistguitar@tumyeto.com its in standard tuning too. Peace outside…. spencer askin, SHOUT out to my band members josh, scott, siobahn(shivane, the gentle giant at like 4 feet tall), and nate, the cambo american with no drums even tho hes supposed to be our drummer.