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 I Just Wanna Have Something To Do de Ramones

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I Just Wanna Have Something To Do - Ramones sur Guitariff.net
I Just Wanna Have Something To C by, The Ramones, as heard in the movie Rock and Roll high school(1978), and on their album Road To Ruin(1978) This is like the easiest song ever. Its like blitzkrieg bop type hard. Its repetition of the same three chords through the whole song structured in different ways. I know this is correct because i have a video of them playing this where the camera is so close on johnny you can count the frets and what string he is on. The Intro is like this. D|77777-5-33333 A|77777-3-33333 E|55555-3-11111 do that twice. then when joey starts singing play D|77777-77-33-5 A|77777-77-33-5 E|55555-55-11-3 when joey starts singing "tooonight, tooonight, toonight" D|33333333-55555555-7777777777777777 A|33333333-55555555-7777777777777777 E|11111111-33333333-5555555555555555 (thats 8 for the first 2 and 16 times for the last one) C this 4 or so times, maybe 3 and on the last one either the 4th or 5th time play the first two chords regularly and finish on the maybe you could call it a chorus riff which is just the intro riff while saying wait and now at the 5/5/3 chord. Then a verse , the tonight part, then the chorus, then another verse, same words as the second verse, then tonight,theres some effects like really high notes on the last "tonights". the words are: This is all my own work. Special thanx to the cameraman for getting close ups of johnnys guitars. questions or requests to tygistguitar@tumyeto.com. spencer askin