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 Blitzkrieg Bop de Ramones

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Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones sur Guitariff.net
Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones Order of the song: Intro Bridge Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Verse Bridge INTRO: G|: |77779999| |77779999| |77779999| D|:77777777|77779999|77777777|77779999|77777777|77779999| A|:77777777|55557777|77777777|55557777|77777777|55557777| E|:55555555| |55555555| |55555555| | G| | 777 :| D|77777777|7777777777777:| A|77777777|7775557777777:| E|55555555|555 5555555:| BRIDGE: (Guitar=Tacet for 6 Bars) Hey, Ho, Let's Go Hey, Ho, Let's Go Hey, Ho, Let's Go (Bass plays an A during this Measure) (Guitar Starts Here) Hey, Ho, Let's Go G| | D|7777777777777777| A|7777777777777777| E|5555555555555555| VERSES: G|: |779999| |779999| |779999| 777 :| D|:77777777|779999|77777777|779999|77777777|779999|7777777777777:| A|:77777777|557777|77777777|557777|77777777|557777|7775557777777:| E|:55555555| |55555555| |55555555| |555 5555555:| CHORUSES: G|7777777777777777| 77 |7777777777777777| 779999| D|7777777777777777|7777777777|7777777777777777|5555779999| A|5555555555555555|7777557777|5555555555555555|5555557777| E| |5555 5555| |3333 | LYRICS: VERSES- THEY'RE FORMING IN A STRAIGHT LINE THEY'RE GOING THROUGH A TIGHT WIND THE KIDS ARE LOSING THEIR MINDS THE BLITZKRIEG BOP THEY'RE PILING IN THE BACK SEAT THEY'RE GENERATING STEAM HEAT PULSATING TO THE BACK BEAT THE BLITZKRIEG BOP CHORUSES- HEY HO LET'S GO SHOT 'EM IN THE BACK NOW WHAT THEY WANT I DON'T KNOW THEY'RE ALL REVED UP AND THEY'RE READY TO GO I did this one all by myself and I think it sounds right. It's really easy. Anyone should be able to play this song. David Simms (d-simms@onu.edu)