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 Blitzkrieg Bop de Ramones

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Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones sur Guitariff.net
Hi! Here is my Version of Blitzkrieg Bob. The song is damn simple. Have fun! By the way: It is my first tap. --------------------------------------------------------- Used chords: Am |577555| D |557775| E |779997| --------------------------------------------------------- Intro: Am D E (3x) Bridge: (no guitar here!) Hey, Ho, Let's Go Hey, Ho, Let's Go Hey, Ho, Let's Go Hey, Ho, Let's Go (here start the guitar) Am Hey, Ho, Let's Go Verse: Am D E They're forming in a straight line. Am D E They're going through a tight wind. Am D E The kids are losing their minds. Am D E Blitzkrieg Bop. Am D E They're pilling in the back seat. Am D E They're generating steam heat. Am D E Pulsating to the back beat. Am D E Blitzkrieg Bop. Chorus: D Am D Am Hey, Ho, Let's go. D Am D Am Shot 'em in the back now. D Am D Am What they want I don't know. D Am D Am They're all reved up and they're ready to go. --------------------------------------------------------- Notice: You also can use the chords of Gm, C and D Gm |355333| C |335553| D |557775| The third version is: (can be used for a second guitar) E |022300| A |002220| D |000232| Just try out how to use the chords. It's not difficult. --------------------------------------------------------- Have fun with this song! If something is wrong or you have to say something, just use my Email! Bye Thomas (t.herzog@natural-webslution.org)