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 Blitzkrieg Bop de Ramones

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Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones sur Guitariff.net
disappointed u didnt have a bass tab for this, so here it is... because you only use the A and E strings, im not going to bother with the G and D Verse AI-------------5555-7777I-------------5555-7777I E I55555555------------- I55555555------------- I                                           x2 AI-------------5555-7777I-------------5555-------I E I55555555------------- I55555555-------5555I Bridge 3rd and 4th Hey Ho! Let's Go! E I5555555555555555I5555555555555555I Chorus AI55555555------5555I55555555---55--7777I E I------------5555------I-------------77------------I and thats pretty much it! its a really easy song just play it fast enough and it'll sound right oh, and the order is...      Verse      Bridge      Verse      Chorus      Verse      Chorus      Verse      Bridge rock on!